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Children of the Dark Star

Composer: Tim Porter. A Fantasy, 1972

As far as it can be said to exist in space or time, the main action is assumed to be taking place in various places in Scotland around 1890.

“It was your choice to mar the ordained.” (Thomas Hardy)

“O Shepherd of my life,
Guard me from knowledge…”

“He who as a shepherd calleth to us is himself but a lost sheep crying among the hills.”

“Compass me aright
Between earth and sky,
Between the mystery of thy laws
And mine eye of blindness:
Both that which mine eye sees
And that which it reads not,
Both that which is clear
And is not clear.”

(Fiona MacLeod)

Cast list

William Sharp
Fiona MacLeod
A Nurse (speaking part)
Anne Gillespie
Manus MacCodrum
Alasdair Achanna
Marsail Achanna
Gloom Achanna (speaking part)
Marcus Achanna (speaking part)


1 recorder
1 flutes
1 trombone
2 percussion
1 piano accordian
1 celtic harp
1 violin
1 viola
1 cello


Aug 1972: Tour

Aug 1974: Clifton College Theatre, Bristol